Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Hermitage Story FAQ's

5303 Hermitage Avenue VTT-73704, END-2015-2618-MND
  • A woman builds a group of small houses on a property in Valley Village.
  • It becomes an active center for the community.
  • When she dies at 100 she leaves her property to her two aging children.
  • They sign a right of first refusal with 20 year property manager Jennifer Getz.
  • Getz continues to run the urban farm on the property that teaches kids about Urban wildlife continuing the legacy of the original owner.
  • One of the 2 owners dies. A young relative appears fresh out of law school.
    He instigates a sale without owners permission with developers Urban Blox and agrees to sell the property to the developers without the agreement of the actual property owners.
  • All tenants are ellis act evicted. Jennifer refuses to leave. She reminds her aging landladies she has right of first refusal.
  • The landladies attempt to get out of the agreement with Urban Blox.
    Urban Blox sues the elderly ladies for the property. Turns out Urban Blox has already submitted an application to the DCP and had it approved EVEN THOUGH THEY DIDN’T OWN THE PROPERTY!
  • Neighbors and Community appeal the DCP decision through the APC.
  • Urban Blox hired a very pricey law firm and the residents lose their appeal.
  • Meanwhile the property has filled up with squatters. Jennifer is constantly threatened and harassed physically and with bogus law suits.
    The elderly ladies are set to lose their property to Urban Blox without payment!
    The appeal is now heading for the Plum (Planning and Land Use) Commission.
    We need to let the 5 councilmembers who serve on the PLUM commission to know it is not alright to support the shenanigans of Urban Blox- one of the worst developers around. 
    Here is a link to a story about the history of the Hermitage and the original owner.