Friday, April 13, 2018

"Up, Up, and Away" – USC Student Interview

I love meeting students who care about this issue. Thank you Jacob Kramer for putting together this piece:
"Up, Up, and Away"

Natalie update

You may recall Natalie Moore, the resident at 624 Coronado St whose building was sold to a developer who tore the roof of during the rainy season and then got the city to declare the building unsafe and evict all the tenants. Luckily people here in the neighborhood helped to stop this and make sure Natalie was rehomed while the 4plex craftsman was rehabbed.
I am happy to report that Natalie is doing well. She celebrated her 90's birthday in her renovated apartment where she lives with 2 cats and her 2 pound chihuahua Isabel. Because Natalie's housing situation stabilized, she was finally able to take steps to get some health issues taken care of with the help of a caregiver.
You can read about the story at the following links.
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4/15/18 Wiseman Protest

  Please come protest this Sunday 12-2

Neighborhood Protest
 this Sun 4/15, our last day of residency before Wiseman demolishes the beautifully intact 1936 French Normandy building, where we’ve lived for 13 years, and their 120th + building demo in LA, and 300th+ Ellis Act eviction!

12-2  pm(A march to Kings Rd to immediately follow possibly to the next Wiseman demo and eviction of long-time tenants)

423 N Hayworth Ave (between Beverly and Melrose, 1 block west of Fairfax, behind Canters Deli).

Hope you’re well!
PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD all over social media!

In Solidarity,

Dee Ann Newkirk